We make Motion Pictures.

We tell stories that will make you think, reflect, laugh, cry, connect—and possibly leave you short of breath—in the span of one minute or two hours.

We also drink good whiskey...

Originally founded by established filmmaker Stephen Kinigopoulos in Baltimore, Maryland in 2006, Running Bear Films (RBF) is a professional studio for Feature Film, Television, Digital, and Commercial production located in Nashville, Tennessee.

From humble beginnings visiting production offices citing "no film experience able to be listed," and adding "Will work my ass off for you" with a big sharpie on a piece of printing paper, the latter-day film director landed his first movie gig as a production assistant on Brad Pitt's Killing Them Softly. Kinigopoulos’ solid work ethic and drive to succeed in the trenches of Feature Television and Commercial production led to his current Motion Picture collaborations with Emmy award-winning television producer, writer, and showrunner George Pelecanos (HBO’s The Deuce, The Pacific, and The Wire).

Today, Running Bear Films continues to carve a distinctive reputation for creating films that evoke strong feelings of connectivity, relatability, and possibility for audiences through Kinigopoulos’ wide cinematic eye and unique screenwriting talent. Recently relocating to America’s 3rd coast of Entertainment—Nashville—RBF houses the combined talents of Stephen and his equally gifted sister, celebrity visual artist and photojournalist Alexa Kinigopoulos.

Meeting with immediate success on the Nashville scene, Stephen and Alexa remain in-demand as the sought-after team for music video production and still photography by many of the top artists and acts in American music, including Kacey Musgraves, Joy Williams, Ruston Kelly, and more.




Forging a name in the world of Feature Film and Television is an impossible journey for most hopefuls working in the industry, but visionary director and writing talent Stephen Kinigopoulos’ hard work and determination has earned him a one-way ticket on a fast-rising trajectory.

Having amassed an impressive portfolio of clients, including commercial work for the Washington Redskins and renowned restaurateurs The Atlas Group, Stephen Kinigopoulos relocated his production studio to Nashville, Tennessee, where he has rapidly become a sought-after music video director, tapped by Grammy-winning artists Kacey Musgraves and Joy Williams, other music acts and record labels, marketing agencies, and more.

Kinigopoulos’ talents and work ethic led to his production collaborations with Hollywood heavyweight George Pelecanos (Emmy nominated television writer and producer of The Wire, Treme, and The Pacific, and co-creator of HBO’s hit series The Deuce), who served as Executive Producer of Fishbowl—Kinigopoulos’ first feature film. A intellectually rigorous, creative powerhouse, the two filmmakers continue to explore new avenues in Feature Film and Television, recently wrapping the highly anticipated motion picture adaptation of Pelecanos’ D.C. Noir—the award-winning author’s bestselling crime anthology.


Alexa “Alexa King” Kinigopoulos is a professional photographer and filmmaker with a remarkable work and client portfolio that belies her millennial age. Sometimes surreal and always vibrant, her shots come across more like stills from a film than carefully curated photographs, evoking emotionally driven narratives—without one word being said.

Often referred to by her social celebrity nickname, Alexa King, her photojournalistic exploration of the thematic elements of Americana, Voyeurism, Suburbia, and even Rodeo life continues to gain significant note, as her work has been featured in Playboy, Maxim, Vice, and more. She continues to shoot editorial as well as album covers, including Father John Misty for Time Out New York, Ruston Kelly’s Dying Star, Colter Wall’s Calgary Round-Up, and Parker Gispert’s Sunlight Tonight.

Upon relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, Alexa’s work spoke volumes for itself, immediately carving a distinctive reputation among the city’s elite music scene where she remains in-demand photographing and directing videos for Grammy-winning artists, such as Kacey Musgraves and Joy Williams, and Americana artist Ruston Kelly.

Alexa Kinigopoulos is the Co-Director of the acclaimed feature film, Fishbowl, which is the first feature she has produced with her brother, director and writer Stephen Kinigopoulos.